I was born in Florida to the daughter of working-class farmers. My grandparents had worked their way into the marginal edges of the middle class by superintending a corporate citrus grove on the banks of the Indian River Lagoon. My mother was the first person in my family to earn a college degree, in nursing, which she finished after I was born.

By the time I was born, my father was dead–killed in a work-related accident on his summer job earning money to pay for his college tuition. Because in his absence my mother had to rely on her parents, my early years were spent on the grove. During the day, I wandered the rows of orange, grapefruit, and tangerine trees. At night, I swapped stories with my cousins about the monsters we imagined wandered those same rows after dark. In this environment, I gained some of my most important values.

I simultaneously learned to be curious about the world around me and how to navigate that world in difficulty. Agriculture is part science, part business, and all hard work amidst forces that are beyond your control and that do not always cooperate with your plans. This early foundation would follow me through my high school years in the predominantly agricultural town of Okeechobee, FL. Along the way I also learned to respect diversity within a multicultural community united by a shared sense of values about liberty, equality, community responsibility, and public morality. In church, in school, and in the various clubs and activities that came with them, I was taught to be liberal in the classical sense and conservative in the modern sense.

Although I worked at one job or another from the age of sixteen on, my first real job came after graduating with my associate’s degree, when I became a part-time municipal police officer. I was attracted to the sense of public service, the multidisciplinary roles I had to play, and the ideals of serving the law, before which everyone was equal. With the exception of a few years spent in the private sector after moving to New England, my adult career has been as a public servant in the criminal justice system.

I have been an addict of books and a compulsive writer since age nine. As I passed the halfway point of my civil service career, I decided to look forward and pursue these passions by going back to school. I went on to earn a master’s degree in Christian apologetics, where I became fascinated with the relationship between religious belief, the philosophy of knowledge, and the opinions that drive our social and political actions. From there, I began doctoral studies in public policy, where I am now concentrating my research on how Christian beliefs influence and determine political opinions and policy positions.

Academic Info

A.S. in General Studies (2000)

B.S., with honors, in Paralegal Studies (2003)

M.A., with distinction, in Christian Apologetics (2019)

PhD. in Public Policy (in progress)

The Future

My goal is to use my research and expertise in the areas of theology and public policy to advance conservative and classical liberal causes in American politics. Because I am building my academic and political portfolio, I am open to volunteering in conservative political campaigns in order to gain experience, connections, and a professional portfolio. If you are a conservative candidate or a representative of a conservative campaign, I would love to hear from you through one of my social media accounts:

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