Hello and thank you for checking out my work.

If you’re reading this, then you’ve clicked on the “About” link from somewhere else, which means that, for whatever reason, you want to know more about me and my work.

I am a father, a husband, and a Christian.

I have been writing since age 9.

Although one day I hope to work full time as an academic and writer, for now I am a tent-maker. That is, I have a “regular job” (whatever that is) and I write, speak and teach (primarily in churches) whenever the opportunity or need arises, and attend graduate school full time.

I am a committed, lifelong member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

I am, first and foremost, a Christian apologist. That means I am trained (and still in training, as of May 2019) to present rational arguments for the Christian faith using philosophical and historical methods. I say this not only because this is one area in which I have academic training, but because it is a requirement of all Christians.

I am a writer because, well, I write stuff. I also belong to one particularly close-knit group of writers within a larger writer’s collaborative in my neck of the woods.

I am an historian for a lot of reasons. For one, history is just cool (a brute fact). History is of immense value in studying and defending the Christian worldview. History, as narrative, is a window into any community’s, culture’s, or group’s sense of identity. History is also useful as criticism — it can tell us things about ourselves we wouldn’t otherwise know (and I don’t necessarily mean that in the way you think I mean it).

I am a philosopher because I like to think about stuff (like God, language, and history). Alvin Plantinga credits “Somebody” with once saying that philosophy is “just thinking exceptionally hard.” That doesn’t mean I think formal philosophical training is unnecessary. It just means I try to think hard about things that are hard to think about.

Besides just sitting with my wife while sipping coffee and talking, or catching fish (any fish will do) with my kids, there are few things I find more enjoyable than reading books and writing about ideas.

I don’t yet have enough academic credentials of sufficient importance to make a separate page dedicated to curriculum vitae necessary or even worth consideration. But since people always seem to want to know what entitles someone to do or say the things they do and say, here’s a snapshot of the parchments I can (or will) hang on my wall:

Associate of Science from Southern Adventist University

Bachelor of Science from The (Kaplan) College for Professional Studies {Taken over by Purdue University Global Campus}

Master of Arts (in progress) at Liberty University

My M.A. in Christian Apologetics will be completed in December 2019, at which time I plan (God willing) on beginning doctoral work in history.

One other enjoyable thing I forgot to mention: I like sharing all this information I’ve acquired through thousands of dollars, pages, and words with people who want to know more about the historical and philosophical evidences for Christianity. If you’re in the New England region and want or need someone to speak to a small group or church, then feel free to contact me — You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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