Most of the time, my favorite ice cream is Hood’s Golden Vanilla. I’m proud to have fostered my daughter’s love of nature by taking her fishing. I can sing most of the numbers from the Broadway production of Les Misérables. I struggle to understand my teenage son. I don’t go anywhere without a book. Even in the moments when I wish my wife would disappear in a puff of smoke, I try desperately to love her more than I love myself. I never claimed that I could sing Les Misérables well. I think everything I write is garbage. I’m moved to tears by Samuel Barber’s Agnus Dei. I miss my grandparents. My favorite hymn is The Old Rugged Cross. My favorite Beatles song is Penny Lane. The best concert I ever attended was Coldplay at The Tabernacle, Atlanta, in 2001. I have spent most of my working life as an employee of the criminal justice system. I own around one thousand books, and I don’t know which one is my favorite. I’m a sinner saved by grace. The two writers who have made me laugh the hardest are David Sedaris and Hunter S. Thompson. I know every word to Tupac’s Hail Mary. I started writing when I was nine. I hate raw tomatoes.

Academic Info

A.S. in General Studies

B.S., with honors, in Paralegal Studies

M.A., with distinction, in Christian Apologetics

PhD candidate in Public Policy


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