Roger Prather

Writer, Researcher, Protestant Christian, Free Information Radical


Writing an “About Page” about yourself sucks. It sucks because it tends to make me think that I have to somehow encapsulate who I am onto one seldom-viewed web page. And no matter how many times I edit it and try to fool myself by saying, “this is an exercise in concise and concentrated writing,” I’m never satisfied, and it always sucks.

So, I’m just going to stop trying to do that.

Hi. I’m Roger. I’m a writer.

I’m also a Christian, a husband, a father, an employee of a really large organization, a college graduate, a friend, an acquaintance, a stranger. I’m all these things and more.

Writers, at least the ones that I know, for the most part, tend to hate the question, “So, what do you write?” Asking that question puts the writer into the same position I put myself into when I try to write an “About Page.”

My standard response to that question has become: “Words, usually strung together coherently into a sentence, which I further string together into paragraphs.”

My standard response here is further explained by truth. When I write, I write to tell the truth.

I’ll leave it to the posts in the blog section of this website to explain what that means.





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