Christianity, Culture, Criminology, and Criticism

An Unsystematic Attempt to Locate the Relevance of Biblical Faith in 21st Century America


I don’t know why, but it seems that “About” pages are always written in the third-person. Perhaps it’s an attempt to make it seem like it was written by some disinterested, objective party that’s not going to say anything inaccurate about the person whose website you’re visiting. Or maybe it’s because “About” pages typically make the person sound really, really good — embellishment comes to mind — and it’s in poor taste to talk about oneself in such flattering terms.

Anyway, this is my about page, written in the first person.

My name is Roger Prather (hence the url). I am a 10+ years veteran of the American criminal justice system. I am a Christian. In my time as a sworn member of a law enforcement agency, I’ve had ample opportunities to reflect on how my Christian faith does and should influence my role on the job. Flowing from that reflection are reflections on how Christianity does and should influence civic society, politics, social policy — public life in general.

There are, of course, a number of possible answers to these questions ranging from “not at all” to what any thinking person would be tempted to call theocracy. Neither of those extremes is an acceptable answer, however, as extremes tend to be unacceptable answers to any question. That means that, as the truism suggests, the answer lies somewhere in the middle of those two extremes.

I am currently a master’s level graduate student studying Christian Apologetics at Liberty University. My goal in studying this field at this level is to think deeply about Christianity’s relevance to public life by studying Christianity’s truth claims and overall worldview. My tentative plan is to carry this study into the study of either political philosophy or public policy at the doctoral level.

Aside from the fact that I would read, write, and study whether I was in school or not, my end game is to have a PhD by the time I retire from the criminal justice system — hopefully before — and move into an academic and writing career afterwards.

In the meantime, I’m glad you’ve decided to follow along this intellectual journey.

God bless and join the conversation!

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