Wittgenstein Wednesday: April 10, 2019

Each morning you have to break through the dead rubble afresh so as to reach the living warm seed.  Ludwig Wittgenstein (1929), Culture and Value, 2 Seeds, if they're going to accomplish anything, must remain buried, hidden, unseen. It is not the seed we notice, it's the blossoming flower, the ripened fruit, the full head of grain. … Continue reading Wittgenstein Wednesday: April 10, 2019

Wittgenstein Wednesday: April 3, 2019

A good simile refreshes the intellect.  Ludwig Wittgenstein (1929), Culture and Value, 1 Although it's not technically a simile, this quote makes me think of the prologue to the Gospel of John. I think of this not only because of the metaphorical language John employed in his prologue to make a deep philosophical and theological point, but … Continue reading Wittgenstein Wednesday: April 3, 2019

Introducing “Wittgenstein Wednesday”

One of the problems I have being a student in the areas of theology and philosophy is that I am constantly coming into contact with writers and thinkers who I haven't actually read. Although the graduate program I'm currently enrolled in has exposed me to a lot of great thinkers and their writing, much of … Continue reading Introducing “Wittgenstein Wednesday”